John Talabot


Fin Permanent Vacation****

Those seeking blissed-out house grooves have taken heed of the work of John Talabot for some time. On his debut album, Fin, the Barcelona producer provides beautifully crafted, simply decorated tracks. Oddly, Talabot is of the opinion that his music is “dark”. While there are undoubtedly some melancholic touches, there’s also a life-affirming buzz powering such effortlessly cast tracks as When the Past Was Present, So Will Be Nowand, especially, Destiny(the latter two with Pional on board). Talabot’s talent is in shaping melodies that glisten; check out his remix of Teengirl Fantasiesfrom last year. Couple this with a desire to make more than just a collection of dancefloor tracks, and the result is a distinctive, sublime piece of work such as

Download tracks: When the Past Was Present, So Will Be Now, Destiny