Traps Sub Pop***

It’s surprising that Jaill aren’t a bigger band. The Wisconsin quartet’s last album, That’s How We Burn, had the sort of sweet swagger that usually makes indie kids swoon, yet it went largely unnoticed. Their third record provides more of the same alluring alt-rock jangle, recalling modern bands such as Pavement and Weezer as ably as they do the slick riffage of rock’n’roll’s heyday.

Although the slacker vibe running throughout this album has been done countless times before, there’s no denying the feelgood factor generated by the gleeful Supergrass-style indiepop of Ten Teardrops and I’m Home, or the fuzzy embrace that the laidback strum of Perfect Ten and Madness evokes. Most of all, it sounds like Jaill really had fun making this album, whether it changes the world or not. Sometimes, that’s enough. Facebook.com/ jaillbook

Download tracks:Perfect Ten, Ten Teardrops