Jacques Greene: Feel Infinite – Old-school glow without nostalgia

Thu, Mar 9, 2017, 16:12


Feel Infinite




Montreal’s Jacques Greene has taken his sweet time getting a debut album together. Over the past while, releases for LuckyMe and Night Slugs have outlined the deep house producer’s chops when it comes to finely-spiced and exquisitely decked-out sounds. Feel Infinite is similarly fashioned, an album where Greene preps tracks with the shimmy and sway of the mirrorball in mind. To Say, I Won’t Judge and the title track are good examples of his approach to this task, each calibrated to remind you of the glow of the old-school yet without succumbing to the cloying and often debilitating nostalgia which hobbles many such cuts. Real Time is also worthy of note, Greene bumping out a dancefloor winner with disco and funk frequencies to the fore, while You Can’t Deny carries itself with a likeable Detroit soul shimmer. A good day and night’s work all round from Greene. jacquesgreene.com