Inc: No World

Fri, Mar 8, 2013, 14:03


My World




Los Angeles brothers and seasoned session musicians Andrew and Daniel Aged are spot on with the release of their debut album. No World is moody, atmospheric, edgy r’n’b at a time when Miguel, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, How to Dress Well, The xx and friends have found considerable success from mining similar terrain. No World may be fixated on honing that template so beloved of the early ’80s, but the Ageds go beyond simply embellishing textures and layers with the chill factor. Their studio experience lets them hustle melodies and moods from the barest and most streamlined of scenarios, making tracks such as The Place, Angel and the simmering, melancholic 5 Days push and billow towards the sky as if powered by D’Angelo and Maxwell.
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Download: 5 Days, Angel