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Delphic’s most persistent problem last time around was that their debut album (Acolyte) just happened to remind many of another, eminently more famous band from Manchester. This time around, and with their Good Life taking gold as last summer’s official Olympics theme tune, you’d be hard-pressed to find many New Order references in the wash. Instead, Delphic have sculpted grandiose indie anthems with super-bright electronic surface sheens. Producers Tim Goldsworthy and Ben Allen have certainly helped the band go large, but it’s also down to the trio’s new-found taste for a highly mannered variety of the big music. The Sun Also Rises and Baiya are the best examples of this approach, each an expansive exercise in grandstanding indie. Too often, though, the album feels like Delphic is repeating the formula rather than working towards any sort of breakthrough.

Download:The Sun Also Rises, Baiya