Deadmau5 – W:/2016ALBUM/ review: Lazy but likeable

Thu, Dec 29, 2016, 18:00






Given that man-with-the-mouse-mask Joel Zimmerman has stepped away from his new album with indecent haste, claiming it was rushed and that he did it for the money, you have to wonder what sort of eejit would bother with W:/2016ALBUM/ in that case.

Indeed, readers have probably taken more time coming up with a hashtag for a selfie than Zimmerman did with the naming of his eighth album.

The biggest surprise is that an album clearly made up of bits and bobs from his hard drive is actually all right, with the stirrings of some interesting moments, atmospherics and grooves contained within.

The problem is that Zimmerman obviously didn’t care too much about the final outcome to bother his hoop on the spit and polish process.

A pity because there’s some fine shapes thrown on a lush scene-setter such as 4ware, the wigged-out glittergroove of Three Pound Chicken Wing and the experimental prowl of Whelk Then.

Maybe W:/2017ALBUM/ will be better.