It wouldn't be summer without . . .


It wouldn't be summer without. . .  my picnics, says Eileen Dunne, RTE newscaster

It wouldn't be summer without my picnics. My earliest memory would be Mammy loading up the go-cart and wheeling us down to the Bull Wall in Clontarf. Then going to matches on a Sunday and having a picnic on the shores of Hudson Lake on the way to Dr Hyde Park in Roscommon or outside Semple Stadium in Thurles. Then we got more sophisticated as we got older and we introduced the odd bottle of wine. Having a picnic is a family thing. My sister brought me a picnic basket over 15 years ago and I still have it. It only happens once or twice a year but that makes it all the more special."

In conversation with Catherine Foley

When in Finland. . . try not to adhere to our national instincts and turn up late for appointments. It's considered rude to be more than five minutes late.

Rosita Boland