An imperfect but user friendly and very handy app from National Public Radio

Game Title: NPR One

Publisher: NPR

Reviewed On: iPhone

Available on: iPad,Android,iPhone

Fri, Aug 8, 2014, 00:00


“Public radio made personal” boasts the NPR One description, suggesting that all of its top-drawer radio content can be tailored just for you. There’s no arguing with that content, but the app does have some teething problems. NPR One feels just like listening to the American station, but you can pause stories, skip ahead and share with friends via email or social networks. You can also tag items you like as “interesting” and then the app tries to speculate what you would like to hear in future. It takes a while to learn your tastes, and a brief questionnaire or linking to your iTunes account would have been much more efficient. Still, it’s gloriously free, easy to use and the programming is world class. Shows such as All Things Considered, Planet Money, Ask Me Another and Pop Culture Happy Hour are filled with slick production, smart analysis and good storytellers. NPR One is a handy, mobile way to filter the acres of material the broadcaster generates every day.