Game of Squares review: gentle, understated and challenging

Game Title: Game of Squares

Publisher: Planemo Studio

Reviewed On: iPhone

Available on: Android,iPad,iPhone

Fri, Aug 22, 2014, 00:00


Picture a white screen. Now picture a few small squares with arrows on them, and a matching circle for each square. Each square can only move in one direction and must move across the gridded screen to its matching circle. To change a square’s direction, nudge them against one another, or find points on the screen where you can pivot. You can almost hear the App Store groaning under the sheer volume of puzzle games released every week, but the best of them have the same things in common; a simple, inventive premise; good use of the touchscreen and an uncluttered layout. Game of Squares, with its subtle colours on a white screen, looks more like a beloved abstract painting than an app game. It’s gentle and understated, while the puzzles are challenging, but always fair. This nifty little number is free on the App and Android stores, if you don’t mind frequent ads.