Jo Cox, More in Common by Brendan Cox

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Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered in June 2016

Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered in June 2016

Sat, Sep 2, 2017, 00:00


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Jo Cox, More in Common


Brendan Cox

Two Roads

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The brutal murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in June 2016 sent shock waves across the world, prompting an outpouring of public emotion more to be expected on the death of a seasoned politician rather than a relative newcomer to the British parliament.

But, as her husband Brendan Cox so calmly and candidly illustrates, this was all down to the person Jo Cox was – a vital, committed and empathetic young woman, whose dedication to her family, community and country are unquestionable.

From raising her young children with a true love of nature to volunteering for the Barack Obama election campaign of 2008, Cox gave her all, and was steadfast in her beliefs.

This honest and lovingly-written biography is a testament to the woman who struggled with her initial loneliness in university, made life-long friends through her work as a human rights activist and was determined to make a difference in the lives of individual people as well as on the national and international political landscape.