The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream


Solstice Arts Centre, Railway St, Navan, Co Meath Tues- Sat 11am-4pm Until Feb 25

Curator Jacqui McIntosh took the title and metaphysical mood for this exhibition from the fiction of Jorge Luis Borges, whose short stories are “often characterised by magical, labyrinthine themes and the intrusion of the dream world within the everyday”. The work of the three featured artists blurs the distinction between dream, memory, reverie, reality and pure invention in various ways.

Hiraki Sawa’s dreamily beautiful short films challenge our credulity by introducing impossibilities into the everyday world. Diana Copperwhite’s paintings are “unencumbered by logic, merging past, present, doubt and reverie” in their exploration of perception and memory (pictured). And Michael Kalmbach’s watercolours and papier-máché sculptures draw us into the realm of “fairytales, fables and myths where giants, angels and demon-like figures co-exist with children and adults”.

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