Crosaire No 17844 by Crossheir – Saturday, March 26th, 2022

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1 Has a reputation for teaching The Pretenders (SCHOOL OF DRAMA) in a place where one is taught to play well presumably? (SCHOOL OF DRAMA),

10 Cold (C-) region in Central Italy (-UMBRIA) (CUMBRIA) that includes the lake district? (CUMBRIA includes the Lake District in the north of England),

11 It’s not natural, in a mechanical way (ROBOTIC), to turn away from contributor (‘turn’ away from ‘contributor’ = coribto = ROBOTIC),

12 Ends embargo around island business (ends ‘embargO arounD islanD businesS’ = ODDS) with a number of figures, of course (racecourse) (ODDS),


13 Delta (D-) near rising (= reverse indicator) river on Roman site (Tiber) is endless (r) (‘Tiber’ without ‘r’ = tibe = -EBIT) (DEBIT)? No credit for getting this! (DEBIT),

15 Subvert (UNDO) a foreign (‘a’ foreign/French = UN-) party (-DO) (UNDO),

17 Revolutionary (RED) arrested by Confederates retreating (= reverse indicator) (arrested by ‘confeDERates’ = der = RED),

19 Space (LACUNA) for the foreign (‘the’ foreign = LA-) copper (-CU-) joining new (-N-) agency (-A) (LACUNA),

21 Dig out (dig out/drill = BORE-) for a (-A-) trainee (learner = -L) (BOREAL) from The North (BOREAL god of the north wind + area around the North Pole),

22 Ways of thinking (SCHOOLS of thought/thinking) produced by more than one starting for all sides today (‘school’ on all sides of today’s grid + more than one ‘school’ = SCHOOLS),

23 If not in Tenerife (‘if’ not in ‘Tenerife’ = tenere = ENTRÉE), of course? (ENTRÉE).

25 A flat region (TUNDRA) around (= reverse indicator) Brazil (nut = TUN-) associated with a fair amount of (half of) dramas (half of ‘DRAmas’ = -DRA) (TUNDRA)

27 Child’s protector (BIB) in Abu Dhabi buildings (‘abu dhaBI Buildings = BIB),

29 Checks out (VETS) some Cat Stevens’ (Cat Stevens) backtrack (= reverse indicator) (some ‘cat STEVens’ = stev = VETS),

30 Show (DRAMA) what’s at the end of 1 across (at the end of ‘school of drama’ = DRAMA),

31 Psych out every second (‘pSyCh OuT’ every second letter = SCOT) resident of Perth? (resident of Perth, Scotland = SCOT),

34 Surround (RING-) the foreign (‘the’ foreign = -LE-) boat at the bottom (‘boaT’ at the bottom = -T) (RINGLET) of lock (RINGLET),

35 Revolutionary (= reverse indicator) writing (from the 3Rs = -R) by a German (‘a’ German = ein = -NIE-) priest (Rev = VER-) (VERNIER) in a measured graduated scale (VERNIER),

36 Head (SCHOOLTEACHER) of fish (SCHOOL-) for wild (= anagram indicator) cat here (cat here = -TEACHER)? (SCHOOLTEACHER).

2 Company (CO-) doctor (-MEDIC) (COMEDIC) meant to be amusing? (COMEDIC),

3 Gets high (soars), loses head (s) (‘soars’ without ‘s’ = OARS) and rows (OARS),

4 The one going (LEAVER) with 8 down at last (‘school-leavers’ at last = leavers), briefly (s) (‘leavers’ without ‘s’ = LEAVER),

5 Ban (FORBID) a fair amount of (half of) food (half of ‘FOod’ = FO-) for dicky (= anagram indicator) bird? (bird = -RBID) (FORBID),

6 Wedding celebration (40th wedding anniversary = RUBY wedding) in one of the ports (RUBY port).

7 Show after lunch (show after lunch/in the afternoon = MATINEE) to graduate (MA-) taking part of course (tee = -T-EE) welcomed at home (at home = -IN-) (MATINEE),

8 They’ve no more lessons to learn (SCHOOL-LEAVERS) from a classless group who have fulfilled all the terms (SCHOOL-LEAVERS),

9 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) principles (‘principles’ = ‘principals’ = SCHOOLMASTERS) employed by Department of Education (SCHOOLMASTERS),

14 Flower (BEGONIA) bed primarily (‘Bed’ primarily = B-) in Genoa (Genoa) running wild (= anagram indicator) (Genoa = -EGON-A) around unit (unit = -I-) (BEGONIA),

16 Even witnesses (even letters of ‘wItNeSsEs’ = INSE-) testify initially (‘Testify’ initially = -T) (INSET) to a map in a map? (INSET),

18 Shift (= anagram indicator) bonus (bonus = BOSUN) for one of the crew (ship’s officer = BOSUN),

20 Expert (ACE) brought up (= reverse indicator) in Monte Carlo (brought up in ‘montE CArlo’  = eca = ACE),

21 Alberta has no area (‘Alberta’ has no ‘area’ = lbt = BLT) for those who like to eat a sandwich (BLT),

24 Attic in (attic in) building (= anagram indicator) (attic in = TITANIC) is huge (TITANIC),

26 Go to the dogs locally (DECLINE) last month (last month of the year/December = DEC-) with family (-LINE) (DECLINE),

27 In revision (= reverse indicator), keep a tight rein on (curb) short (c) (‘curb’ = ‘bruc’ without ‘b’ = BRU-) story (tale) that’s mostly (e) (‘tale’ without ‘e’ = -TAL) (BRUTAL) barbaric (BRUTAL),

28 Not the best picture (B-MOVIE) of mob (mob = B-MO-) boss (= anagram indicator) associated with struggle (struggle/compete = -VIE) (B-MOVIE),

32 Soldier on without nerds (‘soldier on’ without ‘nerds’ = olio = OLIO) – a miscellaneous collection (OLIO),

33 Local infirm person (crock) cut (k) (‘crock’ without ‘k’ = CROC) from The Snapper (CROC).