Crosaire No 17738 by Crossheir – Monday, November 22nd, 2021

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8 Coordinator fails to get on air ('coordinator' fails to get/without 'on air' = codtor = DOCTOR) with sister's colleague (DOCTOR),

9 I’m afraid the news is not good (SAD TO SAY) for a lass (a lass) on the radio (= homophone indicator) (‘a lass’ = ‘alas’ = SAD TO SAY)?

10 Women’s institute (wi) not at the heart of outside broadcasting (sowing seeds) (‘SOwiNG’ without ‘wi’ = SONG) of the artist’s work (SONG),

11 Unstable (= anagram indicator) at best? Gold (at best gold = BOTTLED GAS) standard fuel that’s stored in cylinders! (BOTTLED GAS),


12 Give one’s word (ASSURE) to answer (A-) Old Bob (‘old bob’ = shilling = -S-) – satisfied? (-SURE) (ASSURE),

14 Leader of Band (leader of ‘Band’ = B-) Aid’s (aids = -ASSISTS) (BASSISTS) musicians (BASSISTS),

15 This might be in your face in The Theatre (COSMETIC SURGERY) for those who want to get something off their chest perhaps (COSMETIC SURGERY),

18 “Caught (-C-) in Ocean Liner (ocean liner = sand = S-AND-) with Gangsters” (gangster’s /Al Capone’s = Al’s = -ALS) (SCANDALS) – the headlines in the tabloids (SCANDALS),

20 Literary agent drops elegant (‘literary agent’ drops ‘elegant’ = itrary = RARITY) collector’s item (RARITY),

22 Drugs (SPEED) for catching rats (TRAPS) (SPEED TRAPS) employed by those out in force to slow the movement down (SPEED TRAPS),

24 Moron leaves front room (‘moron’ leaves ‘front room’ = frot = FORT) of castle (FORT),

25 Has a leaning towards (INCLINES) popular (IN-) college (-C-) bars (-LINES) (INCLINES),

26 Cervantes missing cat (‘Cervantes’ missing ‘cat’ = ervnes = NERVES) and butterflies (NERVES).

1 Doesn't retain fluids (POROUS) from soup or (soup or) broth (= anagram indicator) (soup or = POROUS),

2 Bust a gut containing (‘buST A Gut’ containing  = STAG) party of lads (STAG),

3 Apple (CRAB- apple) and pork (-MEAT) (CRABMEAT) – essential for a West Indies salad (CRABMEAT is essential for a West Indies salad),

4 Served up (= reverse indicator) sample of desserts specifically (sample of ‘desserTS SPecifically’ = tssp = PSST) used to catch one’s attention (PSST),

5 They keep an eye on the offspring (ADULTS) of mature animals (ADULTS),

6 Key (music key G-) to ancient (-OLD-) excavator (-DIGGER) (GOLD-DIGGER) produced by one out to make the most of their prospects by joining a Union perhaps (GOLD-DIGGER),

7 Managed (RAN) a (A-) newspaper (Financial Times = -FT-) associated with, at heart, great (at heart ‘grEat’ = -E-) writing (from 3Rs = -R) (RAN AFTER) that has courted a following perhaps (RAN AFTER),

13 A foreign (‘a’ foreign  = UN-) method (-MANNER-) for emptying (a) place (‘lay’ without ‘a’ = -LY) (UNMANNERLY) is discourteous (UNMANNERLY),

14 Campaigns (campaigns/supports = BACKS) for those involved in the pitch (BACKS),

16 Good books (Old Testament = O-T) about Charlie (-C-) and Sam Maguire (-CUP-)? A (-A-) new (-N-) (OCCUPANT) one is found at home! (OCCUPANT),

17 University (U-) and institute (-I-) in spring (spring) revolution (= anagram indicator) (spring = -PR-SING) (UPRISING) leading to the Easter Rebellion (UPRISING),

19 Adjust (ATTUNE) sound (= homophone indicator) for what’s similar to 10 across (‘song’ = ‘a tune’ = ‘ATTUNE’),

21 Regrettably ignores Beryl (‘regrettably’ ignores ‘Beryl’ = regtta = TARGET) and Mark (mark = TARGET),

23 Scratching the head (l) with loss of faith (lapse) (‘lapse’ without ‘l’ = APSE) in the church (APSE),

24 False alarm for the bank’s (‘FAlse alaRM’ for the banks = FARM) stockholder (FARM).