Crosaire No 17579 by Crossheir – Thursday, May 20th, 2021

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1 One of two presenting the programme (CO-HOST) from part of London (Soho) tied up (= reverse indicator) (Soho = -O-HOS-) in court (Ct = C--T) (CO-HOST),

4 Breakdown (ANALYSIS) of Asians (Asians) travelling (= anagram indicator) (Asians = ANA-SIS) around central Ireland (central ‘ireLand’ = -L-) with foreign currency (yen = -Y-) (ANALYSIS),

9 It’s about (RE-) getting 1,000 (Roman 1,000 = -M-) on old boat (-ARK) (REMARK), say (REMARK),

10 One speaks often (PRATTLER) in park (P-) to snaky type (-RATTLER) (PRATTLER),


12 Uplifting (= reverse indicator) view (see = -EES-) in, for example (e.g. = G-E), yard (-Y) near area of shifting sand dunes (erg = GRE-) (GREY GEESE) with water birds (GREY GEESE),

13 Barges in losing rag (‘barges in’ losing ‘rag’ = besin = IBSEN) with writer associated with the pillars of society (“The Pillars of Society” by Henrik IBSEN),

14 Horse race (MAIDEN) for those hoping to make the trip? (VOYAGE) (MAIDEN VOYAGE) That’s a first in a crafty sort of way! (a first in a crafty way = MAIDEN VOYAGE),

18 Contribute to The Gloss (FRENCH POLISH) living in Paris (FRENCH) and working in Warsaw (POLISH) (FRENCH POLISH),

21 Unable to make ends meet (NEEDY) with seed money missing some? (‘seed money’ missing ‘some’ = eedny = NEEDY),

22 Playing (= anagram indicator) one’s games (one’s games = ON-MESSAGE) stating the party’s position (ON-MESSAGE)

24 Rip (rent) short (t) (‘rent’ without ‘t’ = REN-) dress (mini = -MIN-I) getting over top of barrier (top of ‘Barrier’ = -B-) (RENMINBI) in Chinese capital (Chinese capital/money = RENMINBI),

25 Sweep over (ENGULF) daft (= anagram indicator) lunge (lunge = ENGUL-) by top footballer (top ‘Footballer’ = -F) (ENGULF)

26 Cricket’s (crickets = KATYDIDS) youngsters (kids = K-IDS) welcoming tips from all the young dudes (tips from ‘All The Young Dudes’ = -ATYD-) (KATYDIDS),

27 It’s taken from relatives (‘its’ taken from ‘relatives’ = relave = REVEAL) to put on view (REVEAL).

1 Queen (CARD), The Clash (GAME) (CARD GAME) and Chicago, in the gambling sense in Finland? ('Chicago' game of poker very popular in Finland = CARD GAME),

2 Use one of those employed by chippie (HAMMER IN) to criticise local (HAMMER) type of crowd (IN crowd) (HAMMER IN),

3 Show indifference (SHRUG) to daughters with no date (‘daughters’ with no ‘date’ = ughrs = SHRUG),

5 A feature of Limerick (limerick RHYME) behind (= position indicator) place for the young plants (NURSERY) (NURSERY RHYME) produced by Jack and Jill (Jack and Jill  = NURSERY RHYME),

6 Dismissing someone (LETTING GO) is a worry for the parents when it comes to this issue (LETTING GO of their children/issue),

7 Place (-PL-) in military band (military band/belt = S-ASH) (SPLASH) for display that’s newsworthy (SPLASH),

8 Jumped-up (SPRANG) biker gets out of spring break (‘biker’ gets out of ‘spring break’ = sprnga = SPRANG),

11 Nirvana (HEAVEN) in favour of (FOR-) contractor’s offer (-BID)? (HEAVEN FORBID) I hope not! (HEAVEN FORBID),

15 One getting the worm (EARLY BIRD catches the worm) in the meal deal? (EARLY BIRD),

16 Persuade them that it’s a mistake (DISABUSE) playing (= anagram indicator) a side (a side = DISA-E) holding substitute (sub) back (= reversal indicator) (sub = -BUS-) (DISABUSE),

17 Fair amount of (half) creche (half of ‘creCHE’ = CHE-) in hospital (-ER-) with bad (= anagram indicator) flu (flu = -FUL) (CHEERFUL) in good spirits (CHEERFUL),

19 A (A-) woman (-NORA-) gets cocktail (‘cocK’ tail = -K) (ANORAK) that’ll keep her warm on a cold night (ANORAK),

20 Uplifting (= reverse indicator) note (tenner = RENNET) used by cheesemaker (RENNET),

23 One of those producing the numbers (singer) endlessly (r) (‘singer’ without ‘r’ = SINGE) getting to expose a little to The Sun (SINGE).