Crosaire No 17563 by Crossheir – Saturday, May 1st, 2021

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1 Give the shocked view of The Observer (LOOK SURPRISED) as peer (LOOK) joins department (-D) after (= position indicator) bombshell (SURPRISE-) (LOOK SURPRISED),

10 New (= anagram indicator) canoe (canoe = OCEAN-) is first class (AI = -IA) going around (= reversal indicator) (OCEANIA) Pacific Region (OCEANIA),

11 Concealed by Kennebunkport sea monsters (concealed by ‘kennebunkpORT SEA Monsters’ = ortseam) raised (= reverse indicator) (ortseam = MAESTRO) by wizard (MAESTRO),

12 Upsetting (= reversal indicator) in Louisiana, Oklahoma? (in ‘louisiaNA OKlahoma’ = naok = KOAN) That’s a riddle you won’t work out! (paradoxical riddle without a solution = KOAN),


13 Had child in Bible (BEGOT) as a follower (‘a’ follower = B-), for example? (e.g. = -EG-) Not (not) first off! (n) (‘not’ without ‘n’ = -OT) (BEGOT),

15 Most of 16 down (most of ‘looks’ = LOOK) from Vogue (LOOK),

17 Russian removes sari (‘Russian’ removes ‘sari’ = usn = SUN) – it can be too warm at times (SUN),

19 Stop (full stop = PERIOD) group of Seals (group of seals = pod = P-OD) holding back (= reverse indicator) resentment (ire = -ERI-) (PERIOD)

21 Pay attention to (LISTEN) large (L-) institute (-I-) dividing the tennis players in courts (nets) in retrospect (= reverse indicator) (nets = -STEN) (LISTEN),

22 Last longer than others (OUTWEAR) under the watchful eye of leaders (‘Under The Watchful Eye’ of leaders = -UTWE-) from area (-A-) in revolutionary (= reverse indicator) Romania (RO = -O-R) (OUTWEAR),

23 The serious matter (NO JOKE) of turning up (= reverse indicator) on (on = NO) one liner (one-liner = JOKE) (NO JOKE),

25 Considered to be (DEEMED) printing matter? (-EM-) In deed! (DE-ED) (DEEMED),

27 Father’s outfit (ALB) seen in the crystal ball (seen in the ‘crystAL Ball’ = ALB),

29 Local nasty gossip dug up (DIRT) by both sides in District Court (both sides in ‘DIstrict CouRT’ = DIRT),

30 Irish girl (EMER-) finds youth leader (leader of ‘Youth’ = -Y) (EMERY) for women’s board (EMERY board),

31 Obtain from rowing boat (‘obtain’ from ‘rowing boat’ = rwgo = GROW) to shoot up (GROW),

34 Stumps (WICKETS) evil type (wicked) we hear (= homophone indicator) (‘wicked’ = ‘wicket’ = WICKET-) joining society (-S) (WICKETS),

35 Oscar (O-) and Arnold (Arnold) Rock (= anagram indicator) (Arnold = -RLANDO) (ORLANDO) from American city (ORLANDO),

36 Directed One’s Gaze (LOOKED) with leads from Top Hat? Every (leads from ‘Top Hat Every’ = THE) role (PART) (LOOKED THE PART) had the appearance that it was typecast perfectly! (LOOKED THE PART).

2 Opera in (opera in) run (= anagram indicator) (opera in = OPEN AIR) produced for one of the festivals (OPEN AIR)

3 Family (KIN-) counselling at the foundation (‘counsellinG’ at the foundation = -G) (KING), three up from Number 10? (three cards up from 10/Jack = KING),

4 Country (USA-) ends appalling practice nowadays (ends ‘appallinG practicE nowadayS’ = -GES) (USAGES) of accepted conventions (USAGES),

5 It’s a bobble variety (POM-PON / pom-pom) and a range from Dahlia garden (POM-PON / pom-pom),

6 Rome warned about them (IDES of March warning to Caesar) in sides with identity crises (sides with ‘IDentity crisES’ = IDES),

7 Enjoys a buffet (EATS OUT) with astute (astute) butcher (= anagram indicator) (astute = EATS -UT) consuming duck (O-) (EATS OUT),

8 Visually inspect in a condescending way (LOOK UP AND DOWN) research (LOOK UP) article (AN-) on Dublin (-D) local Blues (local ‘blues’ = DOWN) (LOOK UP AND DOWN),

9 Is patronising (LOOKING DOWN ON) to gents (LOO-) from The Palace (-KING) finding it’s low in spirits (low in spirits = DOWN) to order? (-O-) What’s new! (-N) (LOOKING DOWN ON),

14 Gazing at The Head (‘Gazing’ at the head = G-) on a foreign (‘a’ foreign = -UN-) country (Wales) briefly (s) (‘Wales’ without ‘s’ = -WALE) (GUNWALE) from the side of a ship (GUNWALE),

16 Keeps an eye on (LOOKS) those in various guises starting for all sides today (‘look’ on all sides of todays grid = LOOKS),

18 Femme fatale (SIREN) on the outskirts of San Sebastian (on the outskirts of ‘San sebastiaN = S-N) getting to grips with hot temper (-IRE-) (SIREN),

20 Produces scrubs, crops (‘produces’ scrubs ‘crops’ = due = DUE) as expected (DUE),

21 Stable employee (stable LAD) with internal email address (internal ‘emaiL ADdress’ = LAD),

24 In Paris, I (Paris/French ‘I’ = JE-) got wealthy (-RICH-) by outsourcing from the start (‘Outsourcing’ from the start = -O) (JERICHO) to the old city (JERICHO),

26 One of those working overseas (MARINER) with airmen (airmen = MARINE-) flying (= anagram indicator) at the end of tether (end of ‘tetheR’ = -R) (MARINER),

27 Occupied (AMUSED) by a (A-) thought (-MUSED) (AMUSED),

28 Is it a badge of honour (BROOCH) for church (-CH) starting (= positional indicator) witchcraft? (witch craft = broom) Mostly! (m) (‘broom’ without ‘m’ = BROO-) (BROOCH),

32 It’s poetic – grass (literary/poetic ‘grass’ = LEA-) on the weekend (‘weeK’ end = -K) (LEAK) is an escape (LEAK),

33 Bomb (FLOP) found in some of the Sevastopol fortifications (found in some of the ‘sevastoPOL Fortifications’ = polf) going all the way back (= reverse indicator) (polf = FLOP).