Trevor Deely: Family ‘still searching for answers’ 22 years after disappearance in Dublin

Mark Deely renews appeal for any information to explain what happened his brother

The brother of missing Dubliner Trevor Deely has said the family has a duty to keep all their options open until they have proof that he is not alive.

No trace of Trevor has been found since he walked out of shot at 4.14am from a CCTV camera at the Bank of Ireland on Dublin’s Haddington Road on the night of December 8th, 2000. A high-profile search-and-publicity campaign followed his disappearance at the age of 22.

Mark Deely told Newstalk Breakfast the family did not live in cuckoo land and were not expecting the “unbelievable” but said they had no idea what happened to their brother.

“We were a family of six for 22 years – now we have been a family of five for 22 years. We’re still searching for answers,” Mr Deely said.


Mr Deely said he had huge faith the gardaí would act on any information they receive. His greatest fear was his brother would “end up as a box of files in a Garda station”.

“We really need the help of the public. Somebody knows something. It might not be sinister, but any information could help.”

Today the Deely family will attend an event for the families of missing people. “It’s not a group we want to be part of, but there is something nice about the day itself. There is a sort of comfort to everyone, but the pain in the room is incredible.”

Trevor’s disappearance had taken its toll on the family, and his absence was felt every day, Mr Deely said, noting his brother had missed the arrival of nephews and nieces, and that the anniversary of his disappearance heightened these emotions.

Events that mark missing people were appreciated by the families as they all needed the opportunity to talk about their loved ones, Mr Deely added.

Vivienne Clarke

Vivienne Clarke is a media monitor and reporter