Investigation into Cherry Orchard ramming incident ‘progressing well’ — Garda

Gardaí collecting ‘significant evidence’ to identify people involved, Policing Authority told

The Garda investigation into the ramming of a squad car in Cherry Orchard, west Dublin last week was progressing well, a senior member of the force has said.

Angela Willis, assistant commissioner for the Dublin Metropolitan Region, told the Policing Authority that the Garda had received significant support from the local community in its investigation into the incident on the evening of September 19th.

“We are in the process of collecting significant evidence to identify people that were involved in that incident. That information and evidence would be assimilated and provided to the DPP for consideration of any appropriate charges that might arise,” she told the authority.

Gardaí responding to a report of dangerous driving in Cherry Orchard saw two vehicles driving erratically which failed to stop when requested before one of the vehicles deliberately rammed the Garda car.


The incident, cheered on by a group of onlookers, was recorded and a video of the incident was widely circulated on social media. The gardaí in the rammed car have since signed off work and are receiving support from their colleagues and the organisation.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said the Garda took public disorder and the driving incident that took place in Cherry Orchard “very seriously”.

“We are very conscious of the scourge of antisocial behaviour both in communities but also on our city centres and town centres,” he said.

Ms Willis said that the Garda was in a very busy period “in terms of potential for public disorder and for fear among communities” in the run-up to Halloween.

Referring to the Cherry Orchard incident and other violent crimes that gardaí have had to respond to over recent weeks, Mr Harris said that they “leave a lasting impression with the individual members of An Garda Síochána and staff who have to respond to the scenes.”

Bob Collins, chairman of the Policing Authority, said that it condemned “without hesitation and without qualification” any assaults on members of the Garda in the course of their duties.

“Regrettably, all too often Garda members face assault and abuse and a great deal worse in the course of their duty — and it must be and it is condemned,” he said.

Simon Carswell

Simon Carswell

Simon Carswell is The Irish Times’s Public Affairs Editor and former Washington correspondent