Camp crusaders

It’s raucous and chaotic, but this Second Coming falls short of its predecessor


Briefs: The Second Coming

Vicar Street


Last year, variety circus act Briefs transformed Meeting House Square into a glittering, vaudeville whirl of thrilling misbehaviour. This year they’re back, with their latest, all male-show of trash comedy, butch acrobatics and camp crusades.

The team are coming to Dublin on the back of a punishing Edinburgh Fringe schedule (26 shows in 25 days), which goes some way towards explaining a few opening-night nerves and a somewhat disjointed show. That said, the troupe still has the ability to shock and thrill: a dog-show dance-off leaves the front rows reeling, a magic routine has a heart of darkness, and the acrobatic performances are athletically impressive. As a whole, it’s not of the same calibre as, say, former Fringe favourites La Clique or fellow Australians Casus. But as entertainment for a group-night out, it’s got enough glitter, comedy, drag and pomp to land its preposterous punches.

September 6, 8-11

Laurence Mackin