High-flyers of world aviation have appointment in Dublin

Speakers at three-day conference include executives from Wizz Air , Lufthansa, American Airlines , Ryanair, Delta and Scandinavian Airlines

More than 1,000 senior airline executives will be in Dublin this week to attend the 18th annual global air finance conference.

Speakers at the three-day conference, which takes place in the Convention Centre, include Wizz Air chief executive officer Jozsef Varadi, Lufthansa chief financial officer Simone Menne, American Airlines vice-president Tom Weir, Ryanair chief financial officer Neil Sorahan, Delta managing director Andy Nelson, and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) chief financial officer Göran Jansson.


They will discuss how can rising interest rates, currency devaluations and deflation impact on aircraft values.

They will also discuss how the slowdown in China and similar large economies can impact on aircraft trading and financing, and what the future is likely to be for public leasing companies.Varadi will talk about conquering the Eastern European market, and what makes Wizz Air different.


Jansson of SAS will talk about turning a legacy carrier around, reviving a brand and taking market share.

Menne will discuss new strategies for growth at Lufthansa and the importance of financial strength.

Some 1,600 representatives from more than 68 countries and 600 companies attended the conference last year. This included more than 300 senior airline executives from 120 carriers.