Web-based billboard Cirquit.tv goes live

Platform to promote concerts and films rolled out in HMV stores in Dublin

A Cirquit.tv touchscreen installed in HMV

A Cirquit.tv touchscreen installed in HMV


Cirquit. tv aims to merge the idea of the billboard with an online platform aimed at mobile and desktop users. The Irish start-up offers an ad-free platform that can be used to promote events happening in the city with a portal for buying tickets or merchandise.

The company, founded by Ger Meade and Fedoua Errizani, has linked up with HMV to install Cirquit touchscreens in stores in Dublin. The screens allows users to find information on performances in the city through Cirquit’s site, watch videos, listen to tracks and find merchandise on HMV’s websites.

The platform is being rolled out in Dublin initially, but it is already looking at expansion to cities outside Ireland, and is currently in talks with UK partners about establishing Cirquit in London.

“The architecture and concept of Cirquit was designed to be scalable. The idea is to create a unified platform which grows as it connects each city to the central site, giving users the ability to tune into different cities around the world,” the company said.

Errizani said the current state of information on the internet has made the discovery and delivery of content a cumbersome process. “It has also led to entertainment industries raising their budgets to reach a fragmented audience. Cirquit offers them a one-stop destination optimised for content discovery and delivery process and, most importantly, promotes legitimate content. For entertainment companies, Cirquit creates a new centralised marketplace.”