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Sphero, the Nike Fuel Band and the Emporia Click.

Sphero €124

First seen at CES last year, Sphero is now an actual product. Controlled by your smartphone – Android and iOS – the robotic ball does some pretty funky things.

For example, it changes colour. And it works with a whole host of apps as a controller. So you could use it in a driving app built specifically for Sphero, or play golf with Sphero as the ball.

It works in a range of about 50 feet, and has some pretty precise controls.

Tease the cat, keep the dog occupied for hours and entertain yourself, all without getting up from your chair.

Nike Fuel Band $150

The latest must-have gadget to hit the market, the Nike Fuel Band multitasks as a pedometer, calorie counter and even a watch, complete with accelerometer. It measures your activity through Nike’s “Fuel” system, converting everything you do into an easily comparable measurement, whether it’s walking, jogging, or lounging on the sofa. The more active you are, the higher your fuel score. It links in with your iPhone and PC to help you track your goals and provides you with a metaphorical kick every now and again. The biggest challenge is getting your hands on one.

Emporia Click €80

Aimed at the older end of the phone market, the Emporia Click is a clamshell phone designed with its market in mind. That means bigger buttons that are easier to see and press, without scrimping on functions or design.

There is a built-in camera and Bluetooth, with easy to access buttons for a torch and the phone’s camera trigger. An emergency button on the rear of the phone allows you to programme five contacts that can be called at the touch of a button if needed.