Tape over your webcam to stop people watching you

Even Mark Zuckerberg covers his camera to prevent the sort of intrusion one man suffered

A recent image of Mark Zuckerberg’s laptop went viral on social media: people were intrigued most by the fact that he tapes over his webcam. Once seen as the modern day equivalent of wearing a tinfoil hat, it is now, perhaps, a sensible precaution lest hackers get access and use footage to their benefit.

The recent case of an Australian man and his hacked webcam might be snigger-inducing but it also an example of the rise of ransomware. The man received an email with a video attached. It showed intimate footage of him in a compromising position watching pornography. There was a threat to release it to his Facebook friends if he didn't hand over $10,000 (€8,908).

Ransomware can be picked up from visiting a compromised or malicious website. It downloads in the background, can access files and control applications including your webcam. Prevention is better than a cure: tape over the webcam and install decent antivirus software. abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/webcam-hackers-catch-man-wanking-demand-ransom/7668434