Sonos and Ikea combine their talents to create picture frame speaker

Tech Tools: Product will be released on July 15th at Ikea

The Symfonisk Picture Frame is priced €179

The Symfonisk Picture Frame is priced €179


Sonos and Ikea’s collaboration isn’t one to be ignored. The two companies have each brought their respective expertise – Sonos in sound, Ikea in affordable furniture – to the Symfonisk line of furniture speakers that blend into your home.

The table lamp is a good start, but the new picture frame pulls double duty as both a wifi speaker and wall art. It looks like a decorative piece of art hanging on your wall – albeit one with a power cord attached.

But connect your wireless device to it and you suddenly have room-filling audio, while also saving some space. The new speaker will be available in Ikea stores from July 15th.

Symfonisk Picture Frame , €179,