Smartphones make time change a non-issue for most

Survey finds most people will forget the clocks go forward because of reliance on technology


A reliance on technology means most people will forget the clocks go forward this weekend, according to new research.

A study by Samsung UK found that more than a quarter did not know the clocks change this coming weekend, and more than half said they would wait for their smartphone or computer to change it for them.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 51 per cent said they wouldn’t remember to change the time unless prompted, instead leaving it to be done automatically on their devices.

The increasing presence of digital technology in our lives was also highlighted, with 41 per cent saying they check the time on their phone first, with 37 per cent using a watch.

More than 50 per cent also said that they didn’t bother to change the time in their car, with the oven and radio also left on the wrong time, instead relying on their mobile devices. Around 300 people surveyed said that being late for work after a clock change had cost them their job.

A spokesman for Samsung said, “As smartphones and smartwatches become even more intuitive, it’s easy to see why people are increasingly relying on their digital devices to do everything from checking the weather forecast to changing the time when the clocks go forward.”