Lego Ninjago Rebooted


Based on the futuristic Lego series, Ninjago is an endless runner that tries to change it up every now and again.Cyrus Borg has been taken over by a nefarious power and the only ones who can help him are the ninjas Kai, Cole, Jay, or Zane. You can play any one of the four, with a few gestures to help you navigate the period of the tower you’re trying to scale. On some levels you run endlessly, dodging obstacles and fighting off ninjas who fly at you with little warning. And since this is set inside a tower, other levels will require you to move upwards through elevator shafts filled with falling crates, traps and the aforementioned ninjas armed with swords. There are power ups that you can earn as you run, from magnetic charges that attract the Lego blocks to you, to a green ninja that runs alongside you, destroying what he can and taking the incoming ninjas on your behalf. That leaves you free to collect as many blocks as possible, leading to even more power ups. If story mode isn’t your thing, you can opt for endless mode too. Blocky fun.