Google Photos’ pet recognition feature is paw-some

Web Log: The ‘People’ category has been extended to include our furry best friends

Google Photos is not just any old cloud storage service for your pics and videos. Although most of us simply use it to back up precious memories, it is notable for face, object and location recognition. Simply type in a landmark eg the Eiffel Tower, location or a friend's name and all the relevant photos and videos will pop up.

Until recently the ‘People’ category extended to humans only, finding and gathering images of an individual in one place while prompting you to label them. Now you can add your pets because, as many of us already know, dogs and cats are people too.

Automatically generated movies

It’s a great feature that gathered together all the photos I’d ever taken of the family dog Harvey because I’d forgotten how tiny and fluffy he was as a “smol doggo”.

This pet facial recognition follows through to Google Photos Assistant; once you have labelled your furry friends, there are probably some automatically generated movies in there.


And as a bonus you can search for cats and dogs using the appropriate emoji. It also works with others, which I can testify to, having spent my time wisely searching my Google Photos collection with squirrel, bird, and cow emoji.