Fujifilm Instax Mini 11: Fun snapshot of life before digital cameras

The Instax Mini 9 gets an update, but it is still reassuringly retro – and just as much fun

The new selfie mode means you can focus on closer objects, which is handy even if you aren’t taking a selfie

Product name: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Price: €80.0

Where to buy: connscameras.ie

Website: Instax.com

Wed, Mar 11, 2020, 16:35


Fujifilm’s Instax Mini camera range has a lot of novelty value. In a world of digital cameras where we rarely print out out our photos, the Instax camera was a throwback to the days of Polaroids and instant photos. The range has moved on a bit, offering hybrid digital cameras and photoprinters that you can link up with your smartphone. The latest in the range in the Instax Mini 11, an update of the Mini 9 that brings a couple of changes. The first is that it no longer requires you to choose your exposure mode before you take the photo, with an automatic exposure mode built in to the camera. On the plus side, there’s no more guesswork about how your photo will turn out, and you will get largely brighter, better images from your camera. On the other hand, you can’t actively choose your exposure settings any more, so it takes away any of the creative control you may have liked.

The Instax Mini 11 also has a slower shutter speed. Practically, that means more light and therefore brighter photos, particularly when it comes to backgrounds that may not have shown up in photos taken by its predecessor. There’s also a new selfie mode that allows you to take closer shots. To activate it, you open the lens and pull the barrel out until you see Selfie On written on the lens barrel. Then you line up the shot with the mirror on the front of the camera and snap away.

The Instax Mini 11 uses the same film as the Mini 9, and, like the Mini 9, there is no shot preview, so snap wisely.

The good
Easy to use, and with the addition of auto exposure it is even easier to get good shots. The new selfie mode means you can focus on closer objects, which is handy even if you aren’t taking a selfie.

The not-so-good
No shot preview, and you don’t have control over the exposure settings anymore.

The rest
The Instax Mini 11 uses the Instax Mini film format, which gives you credit card-sized images. It comes in cartridges of 10, and there is a small counter on the rear of the camera that lets you know when you are running out of film.

The verdict
Just as much fun as the Instax Mini 9 but with a few extra features that should appeal to most users.