FitrWoman app tailors exercise to monthly cycle

The first app of its kind uses hormone levels to determine daily recommendations

FitrWoman, a new app from Irish sports and data science company Orreco, is designed to tailor exercise and nutrition recommendations to the user's menstrual cycle. This evidence-based app – the first of its kind – takes fluctuating hormone levels into account when delivering daily recommendations such as suggestions to boost iron levels.

Each day the app delivers an alert with information on metabolism, oestrogen and energy levels, blood pressure and muscular development based on the day of the user’s cycle.

“Historically, there’s never been much talk about the menstrual cycle and how it impacts women in sport,” says Grainne Conefrey, Orreco’s product development manager.

“In fact, it has been shown to be one of the key causes for drop-out in younger women. Many already know that changing hormone levels can negatively affect mood and energy levels and how the body responds to certain types of training – they just don’t know how to influence those factors.”


The FitrWoman app was debuted at last week’s 2017 Female Athlete Conference in Boston and is now available for download from the iTunes App Store.