E3 ends, but games battle is only just beginning

What games grabbed your attention?

As E3 ends for another year, here are a few of the games we’re looking forward to seeing more of in the coming months.

Super Smash Bros

With Mario Kart 8 out of the starting blocks, it won't be long before Super Smash Bros follows suit. Nintendo is hoping that the games will be enough to persuade gamers that the Wii U is worth investing in. And at its Nintendo is also planning to bring in NFC enabled figurines for the game, which will allow players to add new characters into the game, similar to Skylanders. All the game data is stored on the figure, making them portable, and no two figures will be the same once you start customising their special moves and training them. Amiibo, as they're known, will be available for Super Smash Bros first, with other games following suit.

Sunset Overdrive

The open world shooter was shown at last year’s event, but so far it hasn’t made it into gamers’ hands. But at Microsoft’s press event, Ted Price showed a little bit more of what we can expect - mutants, crazy weapons and a little of that Insomniac Games madness we have come to expect. Mutants are taking over after people get a little too hooked on an energy drink. And you will have to fight them with whatever weapons you can lay your hands on.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

It wouldn’t be E3 without an appearance from Ubisoft’s by-now staple franchise. This one is set in 18th century Paris, on the eve of the French Revolution, and the trailer was suitably gruesome, with the beheading of nobleman getting a particularly loud cheer. There’s a multiplayer mode that allows you to set up your own brotherhood of assassins, which brings an interesting dynamic to the game.

Halo 5 Guardians

Teased last year, the new Halo game may not be a Bungie Studios project but it's still going to try its best to emulate its predecessors' successes. It delves into Master Chief's past, present and future to bring us what should be an exciting new game, starring Agent Locke. The bad news is it won't be around until next year, but in the meantime we have the Master Chief collection for Xbox One to console ourselves with.

Fifa 15

Fifa is a staple in EA’s not inconsiderable sports lineup. The next edition is planning on making you “feel” the sport, bringing in player emotion as well as beefing up intelligence. So if your player misses an easy shot, the other players on the pitch will react accordingly - disgust, sadness, disappointment - and it may impact how they treat the player for the rest of the game. Likewise, if you’re having a shocker of a match, your player might become a little more downbeat, a little less confident. The realism has been ramped up, with both the players and the pitch feeling the effect of the game as it progresses.

Fable Legends

Set in Albion’s Age Of heroes, this is not the Fable you knew before. This time, you’re part of a four-person squad, each with their own unique powers and roles. And new to the series is the villain, who can use its throw up obstacles in the way of the heroes and generally make life difficult for them. While it’s better played with friends, who can feel your wrath if you are the one pulling all the strings, the game will also throw in AI players to replace those who can’t join in.

The Order: 1886

Delayed until next year, the Order had a suitably gruesome trailer for E3. The game brings history and fiction together, with Galahad heading up an order of knights who are battling an ancient foe, and some rebels into the bargain. Sony’s exclusive has it all: darkness, half-breed monsters and societal unrest. We can’t wait.

Mortal Kombat X

The familiar favourite is back, but with a darker twist. The combat is fiercer, there are a few new faces and the fatality moves, well, they’re bloodier than ever. Think close ups of skulls being crushed and large holes being ripped into torsos. There are new characters to get to grips with alongside old favourites, and in general, the feedback on the game so far has been reasonably good.