CES 2016: Five more things to tickle your gadget fancy

A personal soundtrack for your workout; make your smartwatch smarter and never get locked out again

Technogym Music Interactive Treadmill

It’s January, which means it’s the busiest month of the year for gyms as we all sign up, full of good intentions. By February, the motivation will have waned a little, and by March, the workout gear is lying forgotten at the bottom of the laundry basket ­ for some of us at least.

What we need is a good dose of motivation, and while there’s undoubtedly an app for that, there’s also an interactive treadmill that could do the job too. Imagine if your treadmill could adapt itself to your rhythm and play music that matched your running pace, keeping you motivated and moving.

It’s part of Technogym’s Mywellness Cloud platform, which offers things like Running Music, and MyRunning Logbook to keep track of your pace and progress. Running Music allows you to pick your favourite music genre from your own collection; the rest is done by the treadmill.

It analyses your pace and matches it to music according to the number of steps you’ve taken. It’s a personal soundtrack for your workout.



We’re all familiar with the Nespresso machine, but how about one that dispenses wine? The D­Vine by 10 Vins acts as your own personal wine expert. Not only can its app tell you about your choice of drink, it can also pour it at the perfect temperature and oxygenation.

You can’t use it with just any old wine you have at home though; like the Nespresso, there are pods ­ or in this case, flacons that 10 Vins supplies from its online store. The device is already on sale in Europe for €499.


What could make your smartwatch even smarter? How about a band that understands gesture control? Made by Deus Ex, Aria is an attachment for your existing smartwatch that will allow you to control its functions using finger gestures. You don’t ever have to touch the screen, all you have to do is move your fingers to cycle through menus and select functions, with Aria reading the movement through the tendons in your wrist. it’s impressive to see in action. Aria is currently compatible with Pebble Time and Android Wear watches.


If you’re the kind of person who thinks life size dolls for children are possibly the creepiest thing around, you might want to skip this next part. iPal is pitched as a robot friend for your child, who will keep them entertained while sneakily teaching them a few things too.

Unfortunately, keeping your child entertained may unwittingly tap into some of your worst nightmares. iPal is child sized and comes with an Android tablet embedded in its chest. It sings, tells stories and dances for you; the effect is strangely hypnotic in person, and more than a little unsettling. It’s due to hit the market later this year, so parents everywhere can buy their child a friend ­ and then spend the next five years hiding it behind the sofa.

Dog & Bone Locksmart

No keys to lose and no combination to forget, the Dog & Bone Locksmart could be a life changer for the more forgetful among us. It can be accessed via a smartphone app, and you can share your virtual key with as many people as you like ­ and revoke access just as easily. You can also keep an eye on who has accessed the lock through the app. Now you just have to make sure you don’t lose your phone.