Tech Tools


Compiled by CIARA O’BRIEN

Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet

Arachnophobes beware. This creepy looking tablet-holder keeps a firm grip on your tablet device while you work or watch videos. The latest in the line of Breffo Spiderpodium products, the holder is designed to be universal so you use it with any tablet you like, whether you are an iPad fan, a Galaxy Tab-user or are holding out for the Playbook.

Even when switching between all three, the Spiderpodium can be bent to fit any tablet you like. It’s lightweight and compact, with notched legs that are flexible enough that it can hang from and secure itself to almost any surface, along with your tablet. If you need it to travel with you, it can be folded up easily and tucked into a handbag or carry-on bag. The perfect accessory for any tablet.



There’s a way to combine your iOS device – iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch – and cooking that isn’t limited to just using it as a recipe book. The iGrill is a wireless cooking thermometer that uses Bluetooth to connect to your iPad, allowing you to keep a close eye on your cooking while away from the kitchen.

A probe inserted into your food monitors the temperature of your dish. Additional probes can be bought for the device that allows it to monitor a second item. It also works as a standalone temperature gauge when not connected to an iOS device.

The iGrill app comes for free, and includes recipes, kitchen timers, how-to videos and other useful extras to help around the kitchen. An Android app is also on the way.

Joystick It


THIS SMALL piece of genius is perfect for arcade game lovers.

While the ability to play arcade-style games on your iPad or Android tablet is great, the reality is that the joystick can be fiddly and the whole experience leaves you yearning for a proper, physical control to use.

The Joystick-It fits to the screen of a touchscreen tablet and takes the place of the on-screen version.

Obviously, it won’t work with games that require a “swipe” function to move, but it’s perfect for the retro old-style games like Pac-Man.

It can be removed easily, and repositioned if necessary, and won’t damage the screen.