System operates on a higher frequency


The DCS 1800 system operates on a higher frequency than GSM. A digital system, it uses smaller cells than GSM technology and is suitable for large urban areas, where it can deliver a lot more calls in a given geographic area. GSM, which stands for global systems for mobile, is also a digital system. It operates on a lower frequency and is considered more secure than the old analogue, or wireless-based, system. It is the digital standard internationally.

Digifone last night expressed satisfaction that it would not be mandated to carry the new operator's calls when they fall outside the DCS coverage area. This was an issue of concern to both Eircell and Digifone. It will be up to the new operator to resolve that issue.

However, the new operator will have to provide GSM coverage within four years. It is understood that the same handset can be used for both technologies.