Philip Marley’s girlfriend indicted on fraud charge in US

Dana Wilkey accused of scheme to defraud Californian healthcare provider Blue Shield

Philip Marley did not respond to requests for comment on Ms Wilkey. Photograph: David Sleator

Dana Wilkey, the girlfriend of Dublin businessman Philip Marley, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in California along with two business partners for an alleged scheme to defraud Blue Shield, a Californian healthcare provider.

In an indictment published on the website of the FBI, Ms Wilkey was, according to US attorney Melinda Haag and FBI special agent in charge David Johnson, part of an alleged "conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud and aiding and abetting, and false statements to government agents".

Ms Wilkey, president of a company called the Adwil Agency, was indicted in June along with Skylar Ariel Phoenix aka "Karin Marie West" and Lissa Michele Phoenix aka "Lisa Beckwith", who were both employees of Blue Shield.

Alleged ‘k

ickbacks' The indictment alleges Ms Wilkey entered into a "fraudulent marketing contract" between Blue Shield and Adwil Agency, which "included the regular payment of undisclosed kickbacks from Wilkey to Skylar Phoenix, Lissa Phoenix, and Rodeo Pink, a shell corporation held by and for the benefit of Skylar Phoenix".


The indictment also claims that, “between in or about February 2006 through at least February 2012, Dana Wilkey, through Adwil Agency accounts, paid directly to Lissa Phoenix, Skylar Phoenix, and Rodeo Pink, approximately 87 checks totalling approximately $360,000 in illegal and undisclosed kickbacks related to Adwil Agency’s business with Blue Shield”.


Ms Wilkey did not respond to requests for comment. She has been charged with one count of “wire fraud conspiracy”, and six counts of “wire fraud, aiding and abetting”.

Mr Marley, who owes his creditors millions in Ireland and Britain after his student accommodation business Ely went bust, did not respond to requests for comment on Ms Wilkey.

Mr Marley, according to a press release issued by his new student smart-TV business, Common Interest Communities, earlier this month claimed to have “closed $10 million in financing raised exclusively through private placement”.

Mr Marley is quoted in the press release as saying his new venture was “the next level” for students.