Stocktake: Mike Ashley’s future son-in-law eyes £100m bonus

Shareholder reservations over Michael Murray’s bonus are unlikely to carry weight

Tim Cook was in the news after collecting a $750 million payout from Apple. Apple investors aren't complaining, as Cook has overseen a 1,200 per cent share price increase over the last decade.

Michael Murray, the incoming boss of Sports Direct owner Frasers Group, will be hoping shareholders are similarly sanguine at the thought of his proposed £100 million bonus.

Achieving it won't be easy – shares will need to more than double to £15 over the next three years – although many shareholders will surely be miffed at the idea. Murray (31) doesn't have a CV like Tim Cook, but he is in the fortunate position of being the future son-in-law of controversial Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley.

Ashley owns 64 per cent of the company and pays little heed to corporate norms. He famously hosted one management meeting in a pub, eventually vomiting into a fireplace after 12 pints. Consequently, any shareholder reservations over Murray’s proposed £100 million bonus are unlikely to carry weight.