‘Covid has turned me into a slight coffee snob’

Me & My Money: Hannah Thornton, Next Generation Health

Hannah Thornton, owner of Next Generation Health, performance nutritionist and Irish international basketball player. www.nextgenerationhealth.ie

Are you a saver or a spender?

I am 100 per cent a spender. During Covid, I was able to save, which was a plus, as I couldn’t spend so much but I do have a grá for shopping.

Do you shop around for better value?

Absolutely. If I am making a substantial purchase I would always find the best deal. Not that cheaper means the product is better, but I look out in case someone is overcharging and do some extra research.

What has been your most extravagant purchase ever and how much did it cost?

It would probably have to be my Volkswagen Tiguan. I love jeeps, and after moving home from the States I knew I really wanted one. It also helps when you are over 6ft tall and sore after practice to get into a higher car and not have to bend down so much.


What purchase have you made that you consider the best value for money?

Earlier this year I decided to invest in Invisalign, a new way to align teeth. For someone who is always talking in front of people, feeling confident is important. It also helped that everyone wore a mask and nobody even noticed. In the past few months, I have also invested in my mental health, and to me, an investment in my health is definitely value for money.

What ways do you prefer to shop during the Covid-19 restrictions – online or local?

Covid has taught me a lot of things, one being the impact of online shopping and fast fashion. If I do shop online, I try to buy from Irish stores as much as possible. I live quite near to Dublin, but I don’t go into town half as much as I would have before Covid. If I do, I am very conscious of trying Irish stores first before going elsewhere.

Do you haggle over prices?

Unless I am on a beach and haggling over the price of a sunbed, I usually keep my haggling at bay. With shops getting back open, I think it’d be unfair if I was to challenge a price as these businesses are just starting to get back on their feet.

How has the Covid-19 crisis changed your spending habits, and is there something in particular that you have either stopped buying or started buying, as a result?

A large part of my spending before Covid would have been spent on travelling, so that was something I saved significantly on. I think Covid has turned me into a slight coffee snob since meeting people for coffee was the only thing we could do, so I now don’t mind spending a little bit more on a good cup of Joe.

Do you invest in shares?

I never got into investing in shares, but have been researching them of late and might look into it in the future.

Cash or card?

Now, card. Always. Apart from the €2 coin in my car for the trolly for the food shop.

What was the last thing you bought and was it good value for money?

The last thing I bought was a MacBook Air, and for me, it is worth all the money. I have to be able to be online at odd hours, be mobile and have everything at the touch of a fingertip. I have chosen to have all Mac products to work on.

Have you ever successfully saved up for a relatively big purchase?

I still use the credit union for saving and keep that ticking over. I’m currently trying to save to buy my first house.

Have you ever lost money?

I once lost my wallet in a taxi on the way to the airport. I haven’t made any investments yet, so I’ve never really experienced losing money.

Are you a gambler and if so have you ever had a big win?

The extent of my gambling career would be a trip to Las Vegas after I graduated. I was a novice then and still am. I buy a lotto ticket now and again when I feel lucky.

Is money important to you?

At the age that I am, it is. Do I think it is everything in life? No, absolutely not. But it is important as I plan on buying a house soon and we all know the importance of money when purchasing a property.

How much money do you have on you now?

I only have a cardholder, so no cash.