One man and his dog missing from D4 home


IN the kitchen of Tony Taylor's £300,000 home is a plaque. It reads: Missing: Golfer, husband and dog. Underneath it says:

Reward for Dog. Below that is a picture of a dog in sunglasses, believed to be Harvey, the dog belonging to the missing investment broker. Harvey was left with one of his employees to mind, while Mr Taylor "went to the UK".

Officials who broke into his house yesterday may have allowed themselves a wry chuckle. Mr Taylor, a keen golfer, also left his golf clubs, and his golf shoes, stacked neatly beside one another.

In the sittingroom nestling beside a book on the works of Van Gogh, is a book entitled Golf Resorts of the World - the best places to play and stay.

It took eight minutes and a lot of banging to break into Tony Taylor's luxury house on Anglesea Road yesterday. A hammer and chisel and a lot of effort forced the side door.

Initially, a garda offered the use of a long handled lump hammer to the locksmiths, working on behalf of the Office of Public Works (OPW). It was declined, as was the "break down the front door" approach.

As soon as they gained entry the alarm system sounded, provoking every dog in the quiet area to bark loudly for the 15 minutes the bell rang.

Two officials from the Department of Enterprise and Employment, including Mr Martin Cosgrove, the authorised officer, who initially outlined the extent of missing funds to the High Court two weeks ago, then entered the house. They were accompanied by gardai from Donnybrook Garda station.

The house, which has been very well maintained, is estimated to be worth over £300,000. Spotless, and decorated in a "homes and garden" textbook style, tastefully furnished with antiques; it looks as if Mr Taylor and his wife just walked out and left it.

However, it is understood that several rooms are empty and it appeared that the drawers in at least one kitchen cabinet had been emptied.

The officials took away several boxes of documents and videotapes. It is unclear if the guide to golf resorts has been taken by the officers in the hope of shedding any light on Mr Taylor's whereabouts.