Sean Quinn undertakes not to go on to former company’s land

Court told of alleged trespassing at Doon Quarry site in Co Fermanagh

Former billionaire Sean Quinn has given a High Court undertaking not to go on land operated by the company he once owned.

The assurance was given as part of a legal action brought by the rebranded Mannok.

The firm, formerly known as Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH), is seeking an injunction to prevent any alleged trespassing at Doon Quarry in Co Fermanagh.

Proceedings issued by Mannok Aggregates Ltd got underway before Madam Justice McBride at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast.


But a lawyer for Mr Quinn confirmed his client’s consent to “a short undertaking” which may be extended to the start of February.

“The undertaking is basically not to go onto the (land),” he said.

Although no further details about the alleged circumstances were disclosed, permission was sought to visit the area with Mr Quinn to check on any routes taken through it.


“This is an extensive laneway that crosses Doon Mountain, and I’m not quite clear where the exact trespass occurred,” his lawyer added.

The judge cautioned against doing anything that could heighten tensions.

Listing the injunction application for full hearing on January 28th, she stressed: “There seems to be a lot of animosity between the parties, I don’t want anything to happen on the site that inflames the situation,” she said.

Once Ireland’s richest man, Mr Quinn lost control of his business empire after being declared bankrupt in 2012.

His former associates took over running QIH, but senior management have been subjected to threats.

In September 2019 one executive, Kevin Lunney, was abducted in Co Fermanagh and tortured before being dumped by a roadside across the border in Co Cavan.

Mr Quinn has always distanced himself from those behind the campaign and condemned all intimidation of the new ownership.

In September this year QIH was renamed as Mannok.