Truck drivers and machinery operators may cease work next week over fuel costs

Group of about 40,000 say soaring fuel costs mean work will be halted on building sites

More than 40,000 truck drivers and machinery operators are considering ceasing work from next week in response to soaring fuel costs.

The Irish Plant Contractors Association (IPCA), the group's representative body, said the move would "stop all works in all building sites in the country".

It said one contractor with 400 diggers has seen fuel costs soar from €300,000 per month to over €500,000 per month in just one week.

“The paltry 2c per litre discount to these businesses is just not viable and will lead to the closure of building sites from next week,” said a spokesman.


“Another contractor with 38 digging machines has seen typical costs of fuel go up from €2,000 per week up to €6,500 per week.

“Works have to cease on the building sites until the prices of fuel are brought under control.”

Colin Gleeson

Colin Gleeson

Colin Gleeson is an Irish Times reporter