In their own words: Mary Toner of Bakers and Cakers

AIB Start-up Academy finalist, and founder of Bakers and Cakers, Mary Toner talks about her lightbulb moment, their target audience and how Bakers and Cakers solves a problem

Mary Toner of Bakers and Cakers tells the story of her start-up: 

“Bakers and Cakers” is an online market place connecting those who want to find and buy their perfect cake with those who love to make them, and allows makers to showcase their work. I have experience in both sides of the food industry, both in Michelin Star restaurant Chapter One and then on the business side, which was my background, as brand manager for world renowned patisserie brand Laduree. 

“It was while working (in Lauduree) and setting up my small bespoke cake company from home, the idea for the company was born. As I was working fulltime I found I couldn’t meet the demand for every cake order enquiry. Customers would then ask if I could recommend another caker and I found I spent a lot of time acting as a referral service. I thought "there must be a better way of doing this" and "Bakers and Cakers” was born. 

“For customers, it is an easily searchable platform and database of suppliers. They can search for requirements like “budget” and “allergy requirements,” and our system will match them with the suppliers. For the caker, we provide an e-commerce platform where they can showcase their work, be easily found and sell. We aim to launch this summer, and while we are currently based in Dublin, we aim to be a nationwide service.” 

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