Inflation to go higher; an ‘unseemly rush’ on data retention rules; and all the tech for your summer garden

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The State’s cost-of-living squeeze looks set to intensify in the coming months, with the Central Bank forecasting inflation will rise above 10 per cent, a level not seen since the early 1980s. Eoin Burke-Kennedy has more on this, also reporting on a warning from the bank that just over half of the Government’s corporation tax receipts might be “unsustainable”.

Cantillon takes on the related subject of over-reliance on US multinationals for FDI in the Republic, a topic on the radar of IDA Ireland, which on Wednesday said its chief executive Martin Shanahan would soon step down.

Cantillon also considers Finance Ireland’s latest move, which involves bringing on board a new UK investor and stepping away from plans to float on the stock market.

Joe Brennan reports that Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation has taken full ownership of Irish energy trading company ElectroRoute, after acquiring the remaining 35.8 per cent stake in a business it took control of six years ago. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Summer finally seems to have arrived on Irish shores and, with this in mind, Ciara O’Brien has taken a smart survey of the tech essentials that will keep your garden in top condition and leave it ready for entertaining, both indoor and out.

In her Net Results column, Karlin Lillington takes on what she calls the Department of Justice’s “unseemly rush to shove through a questionable piece of ‘emergency’ data retention legislation”. The move, intended to fill a gap created by the Court of Justice of the EU’s Graham Dwyer decision in April, brings the Irish Data Retention Facepalm Index to new heights, she writes.

Chris Horn today considers the newly minted EU framework for cryptocurrencies and assets, the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) legislation. He sees the policy as a major milestone that will bring much-needed clarity to aspects of the crypto industry and predicts it will stimulate European inventiveness.

Ciara O’Brien knows it’s hard to find a single laptop to suit everybody’s needs but has found an all-rounder — the HP Spectre X360 — that she reckons is one of the better options on the market. She also takes a close look in her weekly tech reviews at Huawei’s latest set of earbuds and Sony PlayStation Plus.

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