Amparo Sanchez: Alma de Cantaora

Fri, Mar 8, 2013, 13:19


Alma de Cantaora

Amparos Sanchez


World Music

H Amparanoia , those Latin-ska festival faves that Amparo Sanchez fronted with such passion and pizazz, are part of history now, and her second solo album follows its predecessor (Tucson-Habana) into a brave new realm of reflective, soulful intensity. Tempos range from sultry bolero to a sprightly canter. The lyrics are searching and poetic (translation provided), and Amparo’s voice is as richly expressive as ever. Cuba and Mexico have always been strong influences for her, but the newer element in her musical mestizo is the southern guitar twang inherited from her collaborations with Calexico. They are just one of many contributors here: Cuba’s Mane Ferret makes a good impact, a Mexican shaman is invoked, and Bongo Botrako deliver a touch of reggae. Amparo’s big heart has room for it all.
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Download: Pulpa de Tamarindo, Para Ti, Alma (reggae version)