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Five reasons why heat pumps are growing in popularity in Ireland

Whether building a new home or planning some home improvements, selecting the right heating system to suit your needs is vitally important and takes much consideration


Air source heat pumps use the basic thermodynamic principles to convert air in our surrounding atmosphere into heat energy that can be used to provide a property with both heating and hot water.


With significant developments within the plumbing and heating industry, homeowners are now presented with more choice than ever from traditional appliances such as oil-fired boilers, to renewable energy in the form of solar panels, air source heat pumps and hybrid technology which utilises both oil and renewable energy. Tying in with the focus on more environmentally-friendly practices, air source heat pumps have proven particularly popular within Irish homes over recent years. Take a look at some of the key reasons why.

1. Clever technology

Air source heat pumps use the basic thermodynamic principles to convert air in our surrounding atmosphere into heat energy that can be used to provide a property with both heating and hot water. Air source heat pumps such as the Grant Aerona3, developed by leading manufacturer of heating technologies Grant, incorporate several clever features which can help homeowners create annual savings on their fuel bills. Any unit within the A++ rated Grant Aerona3 range can deliver over four times the amount of energy for every 1kW of electricity used depending on the flow temperature and climate conditions prevailing at the time.

2. Green advantages  

The heat source used by heat pumps such as the Grant Aerona3 air source heat pump is entirely renewable which can help reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, therefore helping to lower a household’s overall carbon footprint. The environmental advantages of air source heat pumps are particularly useful for those completing new build projects in Ireland as it can also help meet Part L compliance as outlined in building regulations.

3. Peace of mind

The overall performance of air source heat pumps is often referred to as the seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) and is calculated by dividing the annual heating demand by the annual energy consumed. For example, each unit within the Grant Aerona3 air source heat pump range boasts a SCOP of over four when tested at low temperature and average climate conditions, meaning that for every kilowatt of energy used to run the Aerona3, over 4kW of energy is being given to the heating system in return. The overriding factor of the Aerona3 air source heat pump is that the output will modulate up or down depending on the climate conditions and the demand on the heating system, ensuring that you are as energy efficient as possible all year round.

4. Heat pump grants

Those retrofitting can also check if they are eligible for the heat pump grant offered by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland which offers up to €3,500. For more information visit

5. Varied outputs

Most heat pumps on the market come in a variety of sizes meaning you can closely match the unit to the outputs required to effectively heat your home. For example, the Grant Aerona3 range is available in four models of 6kW, 10kW, 12kW and 16kW. With the ability to closely match the heat pump to your home, you can ensure that you are selecting the most cost-effective method that provides the best savings in the long term. To help homeowners select the best unit, the Grant Technical team provides a free of charge heat loss calculation service which can be availed of by emailing project plans to

Grant has been manufacturing innovative heating solutions for homes across Ireland for over forty years. The Grant Aerona3 air source heat pump range along with other reliable and efficient products within the manufacturer’s portfolio is available from plumbing and heating merchants throughout Ireland.

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