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Dublin Dance Festival celebrates 15th edition this May

Local challengers, international superstars and breathtaking talent – discover what’s on in 2019

The festival opens with RIOT, starring Pantibliss

The festival opens with RIOT, starring Pantibliss


The 15th edition of Dublin Dance Festival (DDF) promises to be a celebration of brilliant, awe-inspiring and thought-provoking dance from across the globe, taking place across Dublin from May 1st to 19th. Opening with Riot starring the Queen of Ireland Pantibliss, and closing with master of contemporary dance Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, this year’s programme offers the chance to witness ground-breaking work by legendary dance artists; a space in which to contemplate the politics, environment and technology of our spinning world, and for every body to cut loose, party and of course, dance! 

Come with us and discover what's on in the full 2019 Edition, which spans a series of conversations worth having.

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Power of Party

Top 8 Street Dance Battle: a high-energy outdoor event in Meeting House Square

Sometimes the effects of our dizzying world bring us to the brink and we need to cut loose. To act, enjoy, express. To embark on a search for shared release. To find a movement, a community, or a party.

Be part of the Festival Opening Night magic as international smash hit Riot kicks things off in style. Feel the passion and energy of local and international street dance legends with festival favourite, Top 8 Street Dance Battle. Let the children take over the dance floor with Tiny Dancer: A DJ Set for Kids and share in a club experience for adults with intellectual disabilities as Bounce Club Night comes to Dublin for the first time.

Dedication to Dance

I/Thou: a performance of exquisite beauty at the Beckett Theatre

Artistry, craft, a drive for excellence and innovation. Immerse yourself in explosive dance by artists from across the globe – the legends, the pioneers, the culture makers. Dedication that changes the game and sets the standard.

Witness three stunning works by some of the most significant choreographers of our time on the Abbey Stage, presented in partnership with the Abbey Theatre: in a hugely anticipated collaboration, Session sees leading Irish dance artist Colin Dunne perform with Olivier Award-winning Flemish-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui; former Dance Director of the Venice Biennale, Virgilio Sieni makes his Irish debut with his definitive and lyrical work, La Natura Delle Cose; and legendary Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker presents her undisputed masterpiece of contemporary dance, Rosas danst Rosas.

Explore a life consumed by endless desire with In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni, a striking and powerful piece by controversial Italian choreographer Roberto Castello at Project Arts Centre, and be mesmerised by the exquisitely beautiful I / Thou by the acclaimed Liz Roche Company at the Beckett Theatre.

Session: leading Irish dance artist Colin Dunne performs with Olivier Award-winning Flemish-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

The Shifting World

Our world seems to spin faster every day, leaving us reeling to keep up. Politics, the environment, technology, identity – dance offers us space to consider our everchanging reality, bringing us new perspectives.

AFTER: a rough cut of what we might experience when life as we know it is over

Dive head first into the unknown with After, a rough cut of what we might experience when life as we know it is over. Explore two contrasting realities in Phoenix, a fascinating and disconcerting piece for drones and dancers that connects live via Skype with artists living in Gaza. And immerse the family in a playful multicultural adventure that speaks to the young and not so young alike in W.A.M. We Are Monchichi, presented at the O’Reilly Theatre in partnership with The Ark.

Moving Every Body

Princesses Can Be Pirates:  a free family event in Meeting House Square for ages 4+.

Regardless of age, gender, beliefs or ability, our physical human experience connects us in unique ways. Personal stories, multiple voices, diverse perspectives – dance provides a thread that weaves these together and celebrates them all.

Experience a joyous physical expression of togetherness with Ensemble, which brings together performers ranging in age from 32 to 76 to share a journey that lays bare their strengths, efforts and possibilities. Turn stereotypes upside-down at Princesses Can Be Pirates, a free family event in Meeting House Square for ages 4+. And be moved by the thrillingly intense, Inventions that centres around two extraordinary women: Oona Doherty, one of Europe’s most gifted dance artists, and 84-year-old American dance legend Valda Setterfield.

Inventions: thrillingly intense, undercut with uncertainty yet offering a promise of hope

DDF Extended

In addition to the outstanding performances that form part of the 2019 Edition, the DDF Extended programme offers audiences and communities a chance to dive in and experience more with the Festival.

Partnering with The Digital Hub, DDF and the award-winning Selina Thompson bring The Missy Elliot Project to Dublin this year – an opportunity for women and girls of colour, aged between 14 and 17, to make a VR experience with all of the energy and excitement of an old-school Missy Elliott video.

A wide selection of Workshops & Master Classes offer everyone from young children to dance practitioners the opportunity to move, learn and create. A dynamic programme of Works-In-Development by some of Ireland’s most exciting dance artists, a series of Dance on Film and Discussions provide new perspectives on the artform of dance.

The Missy Elliot Project: An opportunity for women and girls of colour, aged between 14 and 17, to make a VR experience

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