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Discover your inner artist with a paint by numbers kit

Dare to Paint is a unique gift, a great idea for decorating your home or office, and a fun way to relax while upping your painting skills at your own pace


Painting is one of the most calming, stress-relieving and relaxing activities, but many of us forget about it when we head into adulthood. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or even just looking for your next hobby, paint by number kits might just be the thing! An extensive range of designs available on may rekindle old memories of city trips or memorable events.

With more than 1,000 designs, Dare to Paint offers a fantastic selection of kits ranging from landscapes, cities, people and animals to fantasy design and famous icons, guaranteeing a favorite design for anyone.

Each kit contains a reference picture, three brushes and a canvas with a pre-printed design

Painting by numbers has grown in popularity with our seniors and rightfully so, as it can indeed have a positive effect on the health of our older loved ones. Painting by numbers is one of the easiest yet most fulfilling forms of art. As we grow older our preference for simpler tasks and easy instructions increases. At the same time, painting by numbers can be a team sport and an activity in which the whole family can take part.

Dare to Paint is the place to begin your amazing journey through the fascinating world of color, imagination, creativity and relaxation. The kits contain a reference picture, three brushes and a canvas with a pre-printed design. Each kit also comes with its own set of acrylic paints numbered to match the pre-printed design on the canvas. The canvas is stretched on a wooden frame, so it is ready to hang and brighten up your home! 

Based in Dublin, Dare to Paint provides the Irish market with a fast delivery service of three to five working days after dispatch. Visit their website on and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. You can also contact the company at or 01-8245783.