Various: On the Nature of Electricity & Acoustics – Electro-Acoustic Music from Ireland


It’s been, implies Daniel Figgis, curator of this 23-track album, a long and fascinating trip from Roger Doyle’s Baby Grand (1978) to Alex Dowling’s Recommended by Dentists (2012). In-between, Irish electro-acoustic music has developed from the preserve of Lyric FM and the academic pursuit of pointy/ beardy types into something that lives, breathes and makes sense. These are clever, cogent dispatches from the fringes, from Sunken Foal’s Gamelan figures on Colloidal Glass and Brian Ó hUiginn’s uilleann pipe-driven Left Handed March – 3rd Movement to Richard G Evans’s elegiac Grinewald’s Wedding and Linda Buckley’s sparkling Error Messages. Download from iTunes and you get an extra 12-track album. See you on the other side? heresy
Download: Sunken Foal, Colloidal Glass ; Linda Buckley, Error Messages