Food Month

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When asked his hopes for 2019, Fr McVerry replied: “To go out of business.”

Homelessness campaigner Fr Peter McVerry says the Government should be building more homes not hostels to address the homeless crisis. “Any 12 year o(...)

You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread (wo)man

Olive toil Olive farming is never easy, but the 2018 harvest in southern Italy has been described as “difficult and challenging”, by Lino Olivieri, w(...)

Convenience with quality Marianne Dorney with her newly launched Pickle Organic range Marianne Dorney has taken convenience food in a(...)

Some staff at the Ivy are unhappy about an absence of clarity about how card tips – the majority – are handled. Photograph: Getty Images

You’re sitting in a nice restaurant, happy after a good meal, with decent service – and the bill comes. You may tip in cash or add a gratuity to your (...)

In our final Food Month podcast, Lilly Higgins chats with her fellow Irish Times food writer Aoife McElwain. Listening to their conversation is like e(...)

Inner-city allotments: Richard Stearn and Samantha McCaffrey of the Weaver Square Community Garden

It’s been a great year for the raspberries on John McEvoy’s allotment. He waited three years to get his hands in the soil and it felt like a gift. Alt(...)

Steamed Asian fish with ginger and chilli

This is a very (very) lazy version of a recipe I learned about 10 years ago at a cooking class with the Australian chef Matthew Albert. Nov(...)

Tomas and Marie McKeon do their best to keep their children – Bronagh (4), Feilim (2), Tomas (6), and Clodagh (8) – eating healthily. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

“Mum, nobody wants to come on a playdate here because you’re too healthy.” Even as a passionate believer in encouraging children to love healthy food,(...)

If this meal were a bit less haphazard, we might have taken the time to come up with a better name than Sludge, but culinary hindsight is a great thin(...)

Chef Grainne Mullins at OX Belfast. Photograph: Elaine Hill Photography

Gráinne Mullins is back in Ireland after two years in Provence, where she worked as a pastry chef in Michelin-starred Dan B. She is now working i(...)

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