Tim Crouch

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Dublin Theatre Festival: How to Win Against History

You could say the art of the theatre is to always look back in order to cast forward. Familiar plays are revived and reinterpreted to suit the tenor o(...)

Peat: Curtis-Lee Ashqar and Kwaku Fortune in Kate Heffernan’s play. Photograph: Ros Kavanagh

PEAT The Ark, Dublin ★★★★☆ They may have nine lives, but even cats are eventually perishable. That’s not quite the case with many of the things more (...)

The Examination draws from real testimonies from current and former prisoners

Peat The Ark, Dublin. Mar 2-31 School days: 10.15am & 12.15pm; Weekends and holidays: 2pm & 4pm; Evening show: Mar 12 7.30pm €12.50/€9.50 (Sch(...)

This Beach, an acerbic satire revived from its last outing at the 2016 Dublin Fringe Festival

Saturday, November 11 Tribes Gate Theatre, Dublin. Ends Nov 11. 2pm & 7.30pm The family at the centre of Nina Raine’s Tribes, given a (...)

Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore: Lotte Tickner, Jude Owusu and Fionn Gill in Gary Owen’s play. Photograph: Helen Murray

The last time I saw Tim Crouch in Dublin was at the 2010 Dublin Theatre Festival, where he was performing in his 2009 play The Author, a deeply distur(...)

What Happens to the Hope at the End of the EveningPeacock Theatre****The old friend who turns up waving a bottle, and wants to stay up all night like (...)

Mary-Lou McCarthy as Mollser at St Laurence O’Toole Junior Boys’ School, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The sensory details make the biggest impact when Anthony Goulding, a friendly presence in a flat cap, introduces each school audience to (...)

I, Malvolio/ I, PeaseblossomPeacock Theatre**** This twin package from actor/writer Tim Crouch reimagines two Shakespeare comed(...)