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Huun-Huur-Tu: celebrated Mongolian throat singers

Referring to avant-garde composer John Cage, Brian Eno once joked that “we don’t all have to be polar explorers”. His point was that while it’s import(...)

Ruba Shamshoum, part of the new generation of women artists emerging from Newpark (now DCU) jazz programme

Saturday, November 25 BAN BAM The Complex, Dublin; 4pm, €25 (full-day ticket)/€20 (performances only); improvisedmusic.ie It’s probably going to tak(...)

Duo Gazzana feature at the ECM Weekend. Photograph: Stefano Borghi

Sunday, November 19 Edel Meade Arthurs, Dublin. 4pm, €10. arthurspub.ie Inventive Dublin singer Edel Meade performs songs from her new album, Blue Fa(...)

Among a small but influential group of musicians and listeners, all ears are trained on what Tim Berne will do next, and therein lies one of his stren(...)

Michael Formanek’s Ensemble Kolossus is a big band, but not a Big Band. The Baltimore bassist’s vision is certainly grand – 19 of New York’s finest(...)

Tim Berne

Cutting-edge US saxophonist Tim Berne is preparing for a trip to Ireland on a six-date tour with Dublin electro-jazz quartet Oko. But maybe “preparin(...)

Manfred Eicher: one of the most influential figures in contemporary jazz

Manfred Eicher is leaning over a mixing desk, lost in concentration. Dressed in his trademark grey, white shoulder-length hair hanging down ov(...)

If there is one voice that every other contemporary jazz musician is listening to, it’s probably that of New York band leader and composer Tim Bern(...)

Tom Rainey, one of the most creative drummers on New York's downtown scene

Now I know how cops and robbers must feel when they watch a crime film. As a movie, Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash may well deserve all the industry go(...)

The Claudia Quintet: September
  • Music
  • November 29, 2013, 00:00

American jazz may still be a place where the “masculine” values of individuality and virtuosity have the upper hand. This is in contrast, perhaps to t(...)

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