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Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg during a news conference at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona. Microsoft is said to be considering Vestberg as a possible successor to outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer. Photograph: Albert Gea/Files/Reuters

Microsoft’s board is considering Ericsson chief executive officer Hans Vestberg as a potential successor to departing leader Steve Ballmer, according (...)

Tight integration of hardware and software has become the norm following Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia.

This was the year the technology industry faced a pivotal moment in its evolution, all thanks to a certain NSA contractor based in Hawaii who decided (...)

Image of the week: Elop flopThis picture of former Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop (centre) and three fellow board members posing for a snap with o(...)

Planet Business

Image of the week: Twitter’s got talent Britain’s Got Talent shadow theatre group Attraction, of YouTube sensation fame (look it up), has decided(...)

Nokia CEO, Canadian Stephen Elop. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images.

When you look at the developing fiasco over the departure of former chief executive Stephen Elop (above), it’s easy to understand just how Nokia’s sta(...)

Stephen Elop, the former Nokia chief executive officer, has reportedly refused to cut the $25.4 million reward he is set to receive

During the recession we have witnessed some rhino-hide immunity to media and public ire from bankers, politicians and property tycoons, but we are now(...)

Filings with the US regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission reveal that Stephen Elop’s contract requires him to be paid €14.6 million in share awards on top of 18 months’ salary. Photograph: Bloomberg

The chairman of Nokia has admitted that he accidentally misled the public and Finland’s prime minister over an €18.8 million pay-off to former chief e(...)

Is Stephen Elop, outgoing CEO of Nokia (and maybe the incoming CEO of Microsoft) worth €19 million? I have no idea. But I am willing to bet that th(...)

 Microsoft’s deal to acquire Nokia’s mobile handset business  is likely to go down as a major turning point in the contemporary technology business

Nokia shares soared 40 per cent last week following the sale of its mobile business to Microsoft, and have more than tripled since 2012’s 17-year low,(...)

Although Nokia is still the second-biggest mobile phone maker in the world, it has slipped from the top five in the more lucrative smartphone market.  Photograph: Kelvin Ma/Bloomberg

The news that Microsoft has bought Nokia’s phone business is the end of an era for the mobile market. Although it may not have invented the mobile pho(...)

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