Eleanor Tiernan. Photograph: Joanne O’Brien

Hi, I’m Eleanor Tiernan, woman and stand-up comedian. Until February I was in the closet and unable to find a way out. But at last I overcame the ‘(...)

Phillip Schofield: coming out ‘is essential for me and essential for my head’. Photograph: ITV/PA Wire

Phillip Schofield, the British television presenter, has revealed that he is gay and paid tribute to his wife of nearly 27 years. “I am gay,” Schofie(...)

Tony Slattery: most of his celebrity chums and hangers-on vanished ‘when the money dried up, which was saddening. Yes, very saddening’. Photograph: Atrium

When I moved to London in 1990, I knew that, in order to fit in at school, I had to educate myself about the important British celebrities. While my c(...)

Tracey Ullman as Michael Gove on Tracey Ullman Breaks the News. Photograph: BBC

The Graham Norton Show Friday, BBC One, 23.05pm The guests on Graham’s sofa are Ethan Hawke, who stars in First Reformed, Toni Collette, starring in(...)

Indian painter Jagjot Singh Rubal touches up his painting of Prince Harry (L) and Meghan Markle ahead of their royal wedding. Photograph: Arinder Nanu/AFP/Getty Images

On Saturday, Prince Harry will marry American TV star Meghan Markle in Windsor. Yes, yes, we know you knew that – but did you know who’s walking Megh(...)

An impromptu picture show puts Ronan in an awkward position

I’m like, “How was the honeymoon?” Ronan, Shadden and little Rihanna-Brogan are home from Vegas, looking suntanned and fully rested. “The huddy moow(...)

Frank Bruno in action against Mike Tyson during their WBC Heavyweight contest at MGM Grand Gardens in Las Vegas in March 1996. Photograph: PA

Frank Bruno, the former heavyweight boxer, who has suffered a very public battle with mental illness, has announced he wants to return to the ring as (...)